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Canterbury Wreck & Reef Dive

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The HMNZS Canterbury is a 113m Leander Class frigate scuttled in Deep Water Cove in the beatutiful Bay of Islands in New Zealand. She was laid to rest on November 3, 2007 and has become a fantastic dive spot for recreational divers. The Canterbury was prepared with divers in mind; lots of extra access points have been created to provide ease of entry and exit, making for some particularly good swim-through opportunities.

The wreck sits completely upright and fully intact. It's position in Deep Water Cove is protected in most conditions; it is a very rare occasion when we can’t get to her. She lies between 12 and 38 metres, visibility will range between 8 and 30 metres.

You will get to spend between 20 and 35 minutes on the wreck with a 5 minute safety stop. On most days we will dive first on the Canterbury followed by lunch and a second dive on a nearby reef. (See information about our reef dives below).

Since the Canterbury was sunk, she has grown a large range of soft corals and kelp outcrops are taking hold. A varied array of fish have inhabited her decks, at times bait fish monopolise large portions of the wreck, in turn attracting their predators - Yellow Tail Kingfish - sleek, powerful and very impressive. Large schools of juvenile snapper, leather jackets, John Dory, and many others can also be seen.

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War & Peace - Canterbury Wreck & Rainbow Warrior Wreck

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This is a chance to dive two iconic wrecks in one day. Dive Ops will transport you to the Cavalli Islands, either by boat or van depending on conditions. First we'll dive the Greenpeace flagship that was laid to rest in 1986 after being mined and sunk in Auckland at Marsden wharf by members of France’s secret service. 

A member of the Dive Ops team was involved in the arduous task of gathering evidence and conducting the salvage operation. The Rainbow Warrior is one of those dives you must do, she has accumulated a spectacular array of wonderful life, and there are countless resident fish with amazing colours all around the wreck.

There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore, most of the time you will experience excellent visibility. The Rainbow Warrior lies on the seabed between 18 and 27 meters deep and you spend around 25 to 35 minutes exploring the wreck.

We'll then travel 40 minutes down the coast to Deep Water Cove to the Canterbury, where will have lunch before diving the her and returning back through the Bay of Islands to Paihia.

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Reef Diving in the Bay of Islands

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Dive Ops' 
Scuba Diving tours will show you reef diving in the Bay of Islands which is amongst the best in New Zealand.

Out in the bay you can expect to see a wide range of subtropical fish species, like the sandagger wrasse, a very colourful, friendly and inquisitive fish. Or you may see a school of the mighty Kingfish, they have a real presence in the water, but are completely harmless. There are many Stingrays resting in the shallows all around the Bay, along with their friends the Eagle rays. Reef diving in New Zealand offers stunning kelp forests - hiding plenty of colourful treasures beneath it waiting to be discovered.

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Introductory Dives

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Never dived before and want to give it a go?

Here is a life changing opportunity. Explore the stunning underwater world without having done a SCUBA diving course. You'll be escorted by one of our experienced guides so you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

With the introductory dive, you will get two great dives. There will never be more than 2 divers to a guide, therefore you have the total attention of your guide to ensure you have the best possible underwater experience.

Some medical conditions may preclude you from participating,

Contact the team to find out if you qualify.

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